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Credit Restoration isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity. The first step in this process is to take a closer look at your credit and work with you on developing a plan of action for removing any negative items that are wrongfully hurting your score.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long does it take to repair my credit?

    While we try to remove inaccurate, unfounded, out of date, false, and erroneous information as quickly as possible, it is impossible to give an exact timeline as each case is different. The more items we are fighting to remove, the longer it might take. A general timeline is between 3-9 months, though sometimes it may take a bit longer or even shorter timeframe.


    How much can my score rise by?

    This is really dependent on what remaining accounts you have on your credit score. At the end of your credit repair, if we remove all negative accounts but your remaining utilization is super high or average age is super low, your credit score still will not be at maximum potential.


    If I pay a collection, does it automatically get removed from my credit report?

    NO! One of the biggest misconceptions among customers is that paying a collection will cause the score to go up. This is not true. In fact, your score is likely to go down. That’s why we highly recommend NOT to pay any collection while undergoing our credit repair services as it is NOT NECESSARY and WON’T increase your credit score in any means.


    Why is there the need credit restoration?

    In the United States, credit worthiness affects all major aspects of your financial life. Whether you want to mortgage a house, get a loan on a car, or even simple things such as apply for credit cards, a higher credit score lowers the interest rates as well as improves your acceptance chance from creditors. Fun fact : The total amount paid between 600 and 740 when it comes to obtaining a mortgage loan could differentiate hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest paid.

    Because your credit record will influence your qualification for credit in the future, and could possibly affect rates for your current credit lines. Accordingly, if your credit report is incorrect, the reparation of the credit file will help improve your chances. A good credit score helps you obtain low interest rates and long term loans, like home loans or car loans. Lenders may charge high interest rates or impose undesirable repayment plans for you. Given the stakes and the consequences involved, it is clearly to your advantage to work toward recovering from a bad credit rating.