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We’re a growing team of passionate individuals, dedicated to improving the financial profiles and lives of our clients

Brendon Jones


I founded this company in 2020 in response to the Credit Crunch that the nationwide shutdown brought about. Before founding this company I ran a humble landscaping business in Fort Worth Texas. After seeing the financial hardships the shutdown brought to the average American, I founded Credit Repair Experts to bring people back to the financial well-being they deserve. My goal is to bring the company in combination with our Business Trust to a position of being a one stop shop for those looking to take their finances to the next level. While I’m not serving people in the Credit Industry, I enjoy reading and studying the financial sector of the world, as well as playing sports like basketball and staying on top of my health learning how to cook delicious vegetarian cuisine.



Jenn brings 10+ years of accounting experience to the team and holds a BS in Business Finance and Management. After yearning to teach, she received her Master's in Education and taught in NYC for 5+ years. Given the opportunity to help create positive financial change in people's lives after the COVID pandemic, she joined the CRE team early on and assisted in developing the company in order to streamline customer service, improve account management, and improve the company's bottom line and payment processing. In the future she looks forward to helping youths with, amongst other things, financial literacy by creating sustainable education programs that focus on comprehensive health and applicable knowledge that serve the local communities.

Grace Bautista

Client Dispute Manager

As a Credit Dispute Manager, I understand the credit report and dispute negative items found on each report, ensuring that each client will have not just a favorable score but a score that surely makes them approved for a mortgage loan or auto loan or just for those who just wanted to make sure correct reporting is being done for them. Understanding the laws and the role of credit monitoring services is part of my extensive experience in the credit industry. I provide resolutions to people who need to rebuild their credit reports. I do monthly credit report updates, dispute letters, monthly follow-ups, entering personal and credit information of new clients to CRM and provide 100% accuracy on data entry.

Lovely Asio

Client Success Rep

Meet Lovely, an exceptional Executive Virtual Assistant with a wealth of experience and unparalleled management skills in the banking industry. Based in the Philippines and working remotely, Lovely holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, majoring in Business Management. With 8 years of experience in the banking sector, Lovely has successfully provided excellent service to numerous business owners across the United States. With her extensive knowledge and skills, Lovely is well-positioned to provide top-notch support to your business.

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